Aveiro has a oAveiro compositie3dd geostrategic position in the national context, positioned in the central region and the Atlantic coastline of Portugal, between Lisbon and Oporto. Its centrality privileges logistics and transport on road and rail axes (north-south) of the country, connec and links to Spain and the harbour.


This region is characterized by a vast lagoon ecosystem designated 'Ria de Aveiro', one of the most remarkable Wetlands of the Portuguese coast integrated in the Natura 2000 network, with unique environmental, cultural and socio-economic characteristics.
Its ecological importance led to the proposal of its classification as a Site of Community Interest (SCI) and the recent inclusion of 'pateira' in Requeixo on 'pateira de Fermentelos' classification as Ramsar Site. This complex ecosystem faces growing threats and changes that endanger their balance, which calls for more appropriate and sustainable management policies.


On a closest scale, in the 'Baixo Vouga', the types of very high-priority risks correspond to floods, coastal erosion, pollution of aquifers, soil degradation along with industrial fires, accidents in hazardous establishments and transport accidents of hazardous substances.


Urge thereby promote and develop long-term strategies and multi-risk mitigation instruments to enable the sustainable development of the region. The municipality of Aveiro earlier with 14 villages is at the moment composed of 7 parishes and 3 unions of parishes on a total of 10, with around 78,500 inhabitants and occupies an area of about 200 kmĀ². One third of this area is part of the lagoon.



As a local authority Aveiro is directly responsible for its own disaster mitigation policies and is therefore in the position to directly influence local policies. In PRISMA project, Aveiro will test the MiSRaR handbook on the situation of dangerous goods in industries SEVESO and its rail and road transport.



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