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The municipality of Mirandela is situated in the North East of Portugal.



The municipality of Mirandela copes with a number of different spatial hazards (floods, fires, technological) that lead to the development of innovative instruments with an aim to include risk mitigation in spatial planning. The civil defence services in Portugal are organized into three territorial levels, which are: national, regional and municipal. On the national level there's the National Authority for Civil defence services; on the district level there are eighteen District Centres for Rescue Operations; and on the municipal level there's the Municipal Civil Defence Services, operating from the Town Halls.


The Mirandela's Municipal Civil Defence Service works in the area of the municipality of Mirandela and started its activities in May 2004. Ever since, it has carried out various activities, in accordance to the Basic Law of Civil Defense. Thus, the performance of this service aims at all parts of the disaster management cycle with a strong focus on spatial mitigation.


The experience and competences of the Mirandela municipality will contribute significantly to the goals of the project. The primary interest of Mirandela to participate in this project is to find solutions decreasing the risk of fires in the old, historical centre. By testing the MiSRaR handbook in the PrismA project on this case, Mirandela will help developing the handbook and help the city to make the centre safer.





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