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Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is faced with stallinn2everal risks that affect spatial planning in its area. One of the main tasks is to ensure a sustainable economic and environmental development for the region. The city drafted the first risk assessment, evaluation and mitigation plan in 2004, consisting of mapping of the potential industrial risk sources and an identification of risk-classes. Several relevant risks were identified and a mitigation plan was elaborated. Between 2004 - 2007 the plan was implemented. mainly on industrial risks, leaving aside several other.


Tallinn was one of the partners in the MiSRaR project (2010-2012) and during the project the city learnt more about their risks and possible approaches. Tallinn will use the PrismA project to develop a mitigation strategy to mitigate the risk of fires in the Tallinn North District area with the old, historical, wooden buildings.


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