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The region South Holland South is situated kijfhoek1in the South West part of the Netherlands and consists of 17 municipalities with around 450.000 inhabitants.

The region South Holland South is through its spatial location a logistic and transport hub of national importance. Through the region flow two of the main rivers in Holland and the water of the north sea reaches the extensive harbour. Two major highways cross the area, both important links in the transport of dangerous goods to Germany and Belgium. In addition, the transport of dangerous goods by rail in the region is the most intensively in Europe.


All this brings about a number of spatial risks. There is a close cooperation between the municipalities in the region of South Holland South. There is a regional department for disaster management, including the regional fire brigade: the Safety Region. The Safety Region South-Holland South has important responsibilities not only in response and preparation but also in consultancy the local government in matters of pro-action and prevention.


In the PrismA project the safety region will test the MiSRaR handbook using the case of the rail transport of dangerous goods, specially in the so called "railway zone Dordrecht - Zwijndrecht".

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